How do I register for travel?

You must register for the In-House basketball program.  All registrants are eligible to tryout for the travel team(s) in their grade.  Tryouts will be toward the end of October. Travel tryout dates and times will be posted by early October.

What Grades have travel team?

This year we will have boys and girls travel teams in Grades 4-8  (enrollment permitting).

How many travel teams per grade will there be?

The number of teams will depend on several factors including but not limited to the number of kids trying out, the overall assessed talent level, and the availability of an approved coach.  There will be a maximum of two boys teams and two girls teams for any grade.

When does the travel basketball season start?

The travel basketball season typically runs December through March.

How far do teams travel?

Teams will play a majority of their games within a 30 minute radius. Some games may require addition time to get to the venue.

How many games are there?

The regular season will consist of 10 games. There can be more games if teams qualify for the playoffs.

How often are the games?

Games are usually played once or twice a week.

How often do they practice?

Practice is usually once a week for about 75 minutes. If gym space permits,
occasionally teams are offered additional gym time prior to the start of the season.

Are there any extra fees for travel?

There is additional travel team fee which will include the fee for the travel uniform.  The additional fee is approximately $150.

How are the travel teams determined?

Travel teams have tryouts approximately 6 weeks before the season starts. Members of the CBA Board will rate and select the travel team players.

What happens if I don’t make the travel team?

If you don’t make a travel team, you will automatically be enrolled in the Commack Basketball Association in-house program. No refunds will be offered if you choose to remove your child from the program after attending a travel tryout.

Do I need to live in Commack to play on the travel team?

If you live within the Commack School district boundaries, you are eligible to participate on a travel team.  If you live outside the district, you must submit a waiver request to the travel coordinator via the Contact Us page at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled tryout date.

Clinics – (Grades K-2)

When does the clinic season start?

The season begins in Janauary and runs through March.

How often do the clinics meet?

They meet once a week at a set day and time for about 1 hour.

I have a son in 1st grade and a daughter in 2nd grade. Can they play in the same clinic?

No. Clinics are broken up by grade and gender. Siblings will be in separate clinics unless they are twins of the same gender.

What days of the week are the clinics?

Clinics are on the weekends. Friday nights, Saturdays, and Sundays

Where are the clinics held?

The clinics are held at various Commack Schools. You will be notified by your coach.

Can I request a specific day for my child’s clinic?

Yes, you can request to have your child to play on a certain day when registering. Every effort will be made to honor your request, but there are no guarantees.

Can I request my child be in the same clinic as a friend or with a specific coach?

Yes, you can request to have your child to play with a friend or a specific coach during registration. Every effort will be made to honor your request, but there are no guarantees.

Can I choose the time for my child’s clinic?

No. Due to the large number of children in our program we are unable to accommodate specific clinic times. You are able to request morning, afternoon, or evening, however, this request is very difficult to honor since there are limited spots in each clinic and there may not be a clinic in the time period you requested for your child’s gender and grade.

Can I volunteer to be a coach or assistant for my child’s clinic and if so, how do I do this?

Yes! Volunteers are always appreciated! There is a spot during the registration process that asks of your coaching interest.

How long is the clinic?

Clinics are about one hour long.

When will we hear from a coach?

You should hear from a coach before the end of December. Contact may be via phone or email so please be sure to check both.

If I do not receive a call or email from a coach by the end of the end of December, what should I do?

Please email the boys or girls In-House coordinator through the website at questions@commackhoops.com to alert them of the fact that you haven’t heard from a coach.

What grades do they start playing games?

Games start in 3rd grade.

Does my child need a uniform or any equipment?

All clinic participants will receive a clinic t-shirt and a basketball that they will be required to bring every week.  At seasons end they get to keep the ball and t-shirt.  Participants should dress in sweatpants or shorts and must wear sneakers.  It is recommended that each participant bring a water bottle every week.

If we want to purchase a league jersey, how much are they?

They are $30.

Grades 3-8

When does the in house program start?

The season begins in January and runs through March. Practices begin the first week of January.

When do they practice and play?

Practices are once a week at the same assigned day, time and location. They are
approximately 1 hour in length. Games are played on the weekends. Typically, there is 1 game per weekend. The day, time and location will vary from week to week. Games are approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes long.

Where do they practice/ and play games?

The Commack Basketball Association program utilizes the Commack School District gymnasiums for practices and games.

How will I be notified with details of the start of the season?

You will receive an email in late November notifying you of the draft evaluation day, time and location. All players are expected to attend the draft evaluations. Around the middle December the teams will be formed. You will receive a call or email from your coach prior to the end of December.

If my child misses the draft evaluation will he/she still be placed on a team?

Yes, your child will be drafted to a team. The goal of the draft evaluations is to help us create evenly talented teams.

Can I request that my child play with his/her friends for personal or carpool reasons?

Unfortunately, due to the number of children in our program, we cannot honor requests above grade 2. In the clinics, (grades K-2) we do attempt to honor requests.

My child participates in other activities. Suppose there is a scheduling conflict with our the team practice slot?

Alert your coach immediately of the conflict. He or she will notify the coordinator. If there is an opportunity to switch your child to a different team with a different time slot you will be notified. . If no resolution is available, you will be offered a refund.

What grades do they start playing games?

Games start in grade three.

Do I need a uniform? How much are they?

A reversible CBA jersey is required at all levels of play.  Jerseys are reusable from year to year. If you need to purchase a jersey, they are $30. Jerseys are sold online and will be mailed to you.

When are practices?

One day per week (Wednesday or Thursday depending on gym space) Games can be on Friday Nights, Saturdays or  Sundays

What grades can participate?

Kindergarten – 6th Grade

Can I request a day for practice and or games?

Put down what day is not good. There are no guarantees. (If we cannot accommodate you, we will offer you a refund)

Can I request a coach?

Only if you are willing to be an assistant or a coach will you be guaranteed a coach. Otherwise put down your request but no there are no guarantees.

Can siblings be put together?

Only if they have similar abilities and are within 1 – 2 grades of each other.

How are the teams broken up?

Grades are broken up depending on enrollment.  Typically K-2, 3-6.  The larger the group, the more we can narrow the ages together.

What is the cost?

$150 per cheerleader

How long is the season?

The season runs from November until March

When will I get a phone call?

Some time from the middle to the end of October.

Can a High School Student get community service hours?

Yes, Middle School and High School students can get credit for them.

Does it conflict with basketball ?

No, most girls participate in more than one sport.

When do I pick up uniforms?

Early December (on a Saturday in the morning)

Is there any additional charge for uniforms?

Yes, and there is a deposit for part of the uniform that gets refunded to you.

Can I get my deposit back?

Yes, when you return the uniform.

Will there be another registration?

Yes, registration is open through October. Late registrations will be accepted until November 1st.

Can friends be put together?

Yes as long as they are in the same grade and the moms are willing to
help. However if they request different days, the day will be accommodated first.

Where can I send questions?

Click the link to email the coordinator on the Contact Us page.

Who is the Coordinator?

Jennifer Mirabella

Where are the Practices and Games held?

Schools within the Commack district.

Who do they cheer for?

Commack Basketball Association basketball teams. We do not travel to other districts.  We only cheer at home games.

Is there a competition team? Do they go to competitions?

To be determined.  There is an end of the year performance for the parents and families.

Is there a tryout for a team?

No, there are no tryouts.  Teams are based more on a Grade Level, Day availability and the coaches.

Is the Cheerleader required to go to the practices/games or

No this is a fun, volunteer organization. If there is a competition any girl participating in the competition will be required to attend the practices prior to the date to assure the girls are prepared.

How long are the practices and games?

Most practices are for grades K – 2 are one hour to one and a half hour.
They start and end on time. The 3-6 team is 1 ½ – 2 hours. This may
vary depending on the gym and coaches availability.

Are there any other fees/charges?

In addition to the registration fee, there is a uniform fee and a uniform deposit fee.

What is the uniform deposit fee?

$50 this is returned when the uniform is returned at the end of the
season (poms/skirt/tops)